Diabetic Foot

What is the diabetic foot?

pie-diabetico-foto-200pxThe diabetic foot is one of the most dangerous complications of diabetes.

Why does this complication happens?

Because of two problems caused by poor diabetes control.
1. The neuropathy that causes the patient to lose sensitivity.
2. The circulation problems caused by hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar) cause hardness, tightness and obstruction in the circulation.

To this is added foot infections, being dangerous for antibiotic resistance can be caused sepsis (generalized infection of the body).

It is done through inspection and history of injuries, cracks or sores that do not heal as well as discoloration of the skin of the fingers.
1. Regular glycemia.
2. Use of antibiotics.
3. Wash and debridement of wounds with ozonated water.
4. Irrigation bags ozone or ozone bells pressure on the affected foot.

Ozone improves infectious problem, helping to restore healing.

pie-diabetico-foto-2--200pxTake car of your feet:
1. Wash and dry them carefully.
2. Cut the nails properly.
3. Use large, soft shoes.
4. Lubricate your feet.

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