Aesthetics - Skin Care

What is Ozone Aesthetics?

It is a division of OZONOMEDIK dedicated to aesthetics with advanced technology in conjunction with the virtues and benefits of ozone.

The use of the steam chamber Ozone provides the skin with countless benefits: Cleaning, exterminating fungi, viruses and bacteria, sterilizes the skin, resulting in increased blood flow, providing moisture, reduces free radicals in the face and body, helping to stop the natural aging of the skin.

It also produces heat in areas of localized fat, preparing the body to receive the effects of lipolysis or liposuction without scalpel provides laser technology, this being a liquefier and degreaser in specific areas of the body and reasserting the application of fractional radiofrequency and radio broadcasts, transmitting thermal energy to the epidermis tensing the muscles of the treated areas.

The radio fractional frequency and ozone steam applied to the face and neck, gives freshness and moisture, helping the production of elastin, fibroblasts and collagen which are the elements that tighten the skin, removing impurities and dryness, reducing expression lines.

Ozone vapor improves some dermatological disorders such as dermatitis presented in face and body. Pustular acne also, acne scars, vitiligo, erythema, eczema, herpes simplex and zoster, atopic dermatitis, burns, rosacea, ringworm, and other types of skin infections.

Ozone House provides better care and cleaning of the skin prior to any surgical procedure on face and body as well as rapid healing of surgical and non-surgical wounds, infected surgeries and other ailments resulting from surgical procedures.

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